Christina Johnson

“A grassroots campaign of this magnitude required an enormous amount of commitment, enthusiasm, and most importantly, incredible organizational skills in which to manage all aspects of this advocacy operation. Ms. Johnson handled all aspects of this campaign with the level of professionalism, dedication, and creativity, which ensured Project Hometown’s ability to reach its objective. I highly recommend her to any regional or statewide project when garnering public support is of paramount importance.”
Jacob V. Stuart, President
Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce
Project Hometown Citizens Committee

“The success of [US Supreme Court] Justice [Samuel] Alito’s confirmation is due, in large part, to the campaign you’ve conducted in Florida the earlier part of this year. Your organization of press conferences, briefings, and media tours has culminated in a barrage of balanced articles, supportive editorial boards, and more. Thank you again for everything you did for Justice Alito.”
Brian McCabe, President
Progress for America

“The world of politics requires excellent communication skills – Christina has what is needed. She has the ability to negotiate and persuade candidates and state parties to find the best plan and programs for success. She is also dedicated to her work by making sure that programs and ideas are followed through and commitments are kept.”
H. Lauren Carney, Deputy Political Director
Republican National Committee

“I am convinced we could not have gone as far as we did without the tremendous effort you put forth as an important member of the Dole for President staff. Your desire to join our team and your willingness to give it your all were really appreciated.”
Bob Dole, United State Senator
Bob Dole for President

“Thank you for all the hard work and long hours you put in to make the White House Conference on Global Change a success. The job you did in the high pressure and very hectic circumstances surrounding the Conference was of invaluable assistance to me. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Mary Joy Jameson, Communications Director
United States Department of Energy

“I appreciated your time and effort on my behalf. As election day approaches, I wish you the greatest of success. You’re doing an excellent job.”
Samuel K. Skinner, Secretary
United States Department of Transportation

“Great job! You jumped into field work at a tough time and did a superb, professional job. Thanks for the effort.”
Norman B. Cummings, Director of Political Operations
Republican National Committee

“…she worked virtually around-the-clock for more than a week in preparation for the event. Her assistance was critically important in carrying out what was a smoothly run convention.”
Alec Poitevint, Chairman
Georgia Republican Party

“…thank you for all of your hard work for the RNC and me this past year. If there is anything that I can do to help you in your future endeavors, please do not hesitate to ask. Again, thank you for everything you accomplished in your service to the Republican Party.”
Richard N. Bond, Chairman
Republican National Committee

“I want to take this time to express my appreciation to you for coming to North Carolina and giving your time and expertise in the final coordination of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Your efforts and dedication to getting the job done was essential in arranging the speakers’ travel, schedules and their participation. I know there were times that this was especially difficult.”
R. Jack Hawke, Chairman
Republican Party of North Carolina

“Thank you for your hard work on behalf of my campaign. I appreciate the outstanding job you did. As you know, the battle was hard fought and you played an important role in our victory. I compliment you on your hard work and flexibility in making this success possible.”
Paul Coverdell, Senator
United States Senate

“What impresses me most about Christina is her willingness to lend a helping hand to complete any task. Regardless of the job, we know we can count on [her], and that is reassuring.”
Evelyn W. McPhail, Chairman
Mississippi Republican Party

March 7, 2008


“A grassroots campaign of this magnitude required an enormous amount of commitment, enthusiasm, and most importantly, incredible organizational skills in which to manage all aspects of […]