FDA Services 2014 Rebrand

FDA Services, Inc. / 2014 Rebrand

A Case Study

On 3 Public Relations worked with Florida Dental Association Services, Inc. (FDA Services) in May 2014 to rebrand and promote its member exclusive savings program and encourage more Florida Dental Association (FDA) members to take advantage of one or more savings options offered through the program.

FDA Services vets products and services that bring added value to FDA members. Not only does the exclusive member savings program enhance the value of one’s membership, but also it produces revenue for the association. The program name, Corporate Affiliation Program (CAP), was not moving members to sign up for services offered through the program.

On3PR worked quickly and closely with FDA Services to create a distinctive and recognizable name and brand that incorporated FDA Services’ new logo, and in time to introduce the program at its June conference. A program logo, tagline and anchor line complemented the new program name, Crown Savings.

On3PR developed an Integrated Marketing Campaign to raise awareness of the Crown Savings program among FDA’s 5,800 member dentists, to explain how it could benefit them and educate them on how to find enrollment information. On3PR developed a communication strategy that tapped into the association’s existing communication channels and maximized reach to members. As a result, FDA Services’ website traffic jumped 49 percent, and Crown Savings enrollment increased. One deliverable of the multimedia campaign to promote the Crown Savings program was a short, explainer video. Click here to view the video on YouTube.

*On3PR is proud to be recognized by the Florida Public Relations Association in 2015, receiving an Image Award of Distinction in Public Relations Programs for the rebranding of the FDA Services member exclusive savings program!