LTE by Gary Jennings

Panama City News Herald

July 21, 2019

On July 10, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis proclaimed July as Keep Florida Fishing Month during his remarks at the American Sportfishing Association’s International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades in Orlando. This declaration, along with his bold vision for a brighter future budget, illustrates his understanding of the important role Florida’s natural resources and fishing industry play in our state’s continued success.

Within the $625 million environmental budget, there is a historic $400 million for Everglades restoration to restore southerly water flow into Everglades National Park, reduce the need for damaging discharges into our estuaries, and improve water deliveries into Florida Bay. Funding will also address water quality and algal blooms statewide.

In our state, the environment and economy go hand-in-hand. Florida is home to four million anglers who support more than 106,000 jobs and contribute approximately $11.5 million to the state’s economy. With this record budget resulting from his vision and the support of the Florida Legislature, Gov. DeSantis has shown he is the Sunshine State’s environmental Governor and is working to ensure that Florida will remain the “Fishing Capital of the World.”

It is vital to recognize the significance of the governor’s commitment to restoring and protecting our most precious natural resources, and our recreational angling community appreciates his work to make sure we have clean waters, abundant fisheries and access to both.

Gary Jennings, Windermere

Editor’s note: The writer is director of Keep Florida Fishing


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