-Final Report Before June 18-22 State Qualifying Week-

On 3 Public Relations (On3PR) presents a ‘Special Edition Campaign Finance Report for the 2018 election cycle. This M5 report includes all campaign contributions, loans and expenditures through May 31, 2018. This is the final report before the state’s noon, Monday, June 18 through noon, Friday, June 22 candidate qualifying period.

Filed candidates had until midnight, Monday, June 11 to file this report.

On3PR begins its 6th election cycle in providing these exclusive campaign finance reports to clients, colleagues, members of the media and those interested in tracking campaign contribution and expenditure totals. Please go to www.On3PR.com to access the latest information.


Client Feature: The Pew Charitable Trusts

Did you know Florida’s 11 national parks have a repair backlog of $262.2 million? That’s why the state’s leading engineers, architects, construction firms and contractors have joined a coalition calling on Congress to Restore America’s Parks.

The National Park Service Legacy Act seeks to secure dedicated funding to cover deferred maintenance projects that have left communities at risk of losing tourism and economic dollars, primarily due to crumbling roads, bridges, trails, buildings and electrical and sewer systems.

In 2017, Florida saw 10.3 million park visitors, spending an estimated $613 million in local gateway areas and supporting approximately 8,960 jobs. We are proud to represent The Pew Charitable Trusts on this campaign to #FixOurParks.  

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