As On 3 Public Relations celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month, I want to take a moment to thank our clients, employees, journalists, colleagues, and friends and family who have made On3PR “one of the top PR firms in Florida.”

To On3PR clients
Thank you for the honor of representing you and your cause. Telling your stories—from saving young lives through EKG screenings, to crisis communications throughout the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, to fighting for anti-discrimination measures and free-market solutions in transportation and tourism, to electing Republicans to office, and so many more—allowed us to share in your passion and unwavering commitment in making Florida a better place.

To On3PR employees
Starting with part-time interns, to a part-time Session employee, to a full-time employee, to two then three full-time professionals and interns, each and every one of you have made this firm—and me—better through your unique perspective and boundless enthusiasm. Many of you have continued in the public relations field, public service and political arena, doing incredible work and living fulfilling lives. Congratulations to you and a heartfelt thank you for allowing On 3 Public Relations to be part of your career path.

To On3PR journalists
You’ve taken our endless calls, attended our press conferences, mostly read our releases, and graciously corrected stories when appropriate. You have the toughest jobs, with far too-limited resources and unforgiving deadlines in a rapidly changing environment. Thanks for listening, reporting the facts and keeping your sense of humor through it all.

To On3PR colleagues
Public relations is often ranked as one of the most stressful professions today, and opening my company at the beginning of what we all know as ‘The Recession of 2008’ made it even more so. To my public relations colleagues who offered words of encouragement and counsel, provided advice and even steered a few projects my way, my thanks to you. While we may have been on opposite sides of some issues, and collaborative on others, the network and camaraderie of local communications professionals is inspiring.

To On3PR friends and family
You have been my Rock of Gibraltar. Thank you for your understanding in my missing special occasions due to late nights and working weekends. To my husband David who without his support and love, I could not have done any of this. I am truly blessed to wake up every morning doing what I love.

So, congratulations you wonderful old Building and Loan! I look forward to the next ten years in telling your stories.

# # #