-Less than 7 weeks until the Tues., Aug 28 Primary-

On 3 Public Relations (On3PR) has updated its campaign finance report to include all campaign contributions, loans and expenditures made through July 6, 2018. Candidates had until midnight, Friday, July 13 to post the ‘P2’ Report on the Division of Elections website.

Now that the Friday, June 22 state and local qualifying deadline has passed, this report is the third filed by statewide candidates and the second filed by local candidates—both entities adhering to separate reporting periods. The statewide calendar of reporting dates may be found here, and the local calendar here.

On3PR begins its 6th election cycle in providing these exclusive campaign finance reports to clients, colleagues, members of the media and those interested in tracking campaign contribution and expenditure totals. Please go to www.On3PR.com to access the latest information.

On3PR President Christina Johnson named among 100 Most Influential People in Florida Politics

Florida Politics’ annual INFLUENCE 100 list pays tribute to the most respected professionals working in Florida’s political process today.

With more than two decades of experience on the campaign trail and in the executive and legislative branches before launching On 3 Public Relations, Christina’s leadership and tireless advocacy on behalf of clients over the past 10 years has built On3PR into a powerhouse communications brand at the local, state, and federal levels representing companies with global name recognition, professional associations, international NGOs, and winning candidates and issue campaigns.

Along the way, colleagues in “The Process” have turned into dear friends. The honor of being featured among many of them is made even sweeter after reading President and Founder of Tallahassee’s CoreMessage public relations firm Cory Tilley’s kind words in her profile with husband David.

Read the summer 2018 issue of INFLUENCE magazine here, and for more on the INFLUENCE 100 from creator Peter Schorsch, click here.

Sunrun Solar Now Available in the Sunshine State

Floridians can now choose ‘solar-as-a-service’ to power their homes, thanks to a ruling from the Public Service Commission. Sunrun, the nation’s largest residential solar, storage and energy company, began offering solar-as-a-service along with its Brightbox home battery in Tampa Bay and Orlando on June 7.

Unlike a generator, Brightbox is recharged daily by the sun, reliably delivering clean electricity. This home battery system replaces noisy natural gas or diesel generators commonly used for backup power.

Read Sunrun co-founder and CEO Lynn Jurich’s recent opinion editorial in the Palm Beach Post about how solar energy makes communities more resilient in preparation for hurricane season.