July 20, 2020

Article by Stephanie Smith, Senior Manager of Florida Public Policy at Uber

Uber Eats has been a longtime partner of the restaurant industry, offering innovative, reliable solutions in getting meals to consumers. We support efforts to help the hospitality industry, which is why we’ve focused the majority of our COVID-19 efforts on driving demand to independent local restaurants, which we know is a key concern of our partners during these unprecedented times. 

Here are a few ways Uber Eats has worked to promote the industry:

  • Waiving Delivery Fees for customers on orders to independent restaurants across Florida to help demand and keep orders coming in.
  • Promoting local, independent restaurants to users in-app and through email marketing to drive people towards local restaurants.
  • Building a new functionality to help restaurants count on reliable cash flow during this uncertain time. Uber Eats restaurant partners can choose to receive daily payouts instead of weekly.
  • Waiving commissions on all pickup orders facilitated by the Uber Eats platform.
  • Reducing commissions on orders where restaurants use their own delivery people.
  • Protecting the health and safety of everyone on Uber Eats—ensuring we are a reliable platform when people need it most.

And we are doing more.

We’ll get through this together, one meal at a time.

Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association Magazine