Tallahassee, Fla. — The Institute of Politics at Florida State University (IOP@FSU) has launched a new podcast series, “Politics in the Sunshine.”

The podcast is moderated by former Republican Party of Florida Chair and FSU adjunct faculty member Al Cardenas. The first guest is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who was first elected to office in 1998, serving two terms in office through January 2007. 

The 30-minute interview covers various topics, including civility in the political arena, community leadership and public policy issues, such as the relationship between education and the future workforce. 

In the podcast, Bush also offers advice to students starting out in public service and eyeing elected office.

“Don’t aspire to be a career politician,” he said. “I always found that the best way to serve is to have something to contribute. Pursue your life as you see fit and then at some point, there may become an opportunity to serve … because then you have something to offer people beyond just being a career politician.” 

The “Politics in the Sunshine” podcast follows IOP@FSUs Celebrating Civility four-part, virtual event series with speakers from all political backgrounds, from all over the country, celebrating the importance of civic engagement, political participation and civil discourse in contemporary American Politics.

“We are thrilled to announce our new ‘Politics in the Sunshine’ podcast, which furthers the Institute of Politics’ mission to promote political engagement by students and citizens,” said FSU College of Social Sciences and Public Policy Dean Tim Chapin. “Political and public policy discussions in various platforms – such as this podcast and the IOP’s Celebrating Civility webinar series – allow for robust debate on the important issues of today.” 

Access the first “Politics in the Sunshine” podcast at https://bit.ly/2QTfSs9.

About the Institute of Politics at Florida State University

The Institute of Politics at Florida State University (IOP@FSU) is a world-class, nonpartisan, and nationally renowned institute that promotes engagement in politics by students and citizens. Housed within the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, the IOP@FSU supports applied political research by a cadre of world-class scholars and will mobilize the talents of our alumni, students, faculty, and friends while taking advantage of our location in Florida’s Capital City. The IOP@FSU offers wide-ranging opportunities for FSU students to become civically engaged, promotes research in politics, citizen involvement, and public service, and promotes the awareness of politics, citizen involvement, and public service in the general public. For additional information, please go to www.IOPFSU.com