In February 2014, Florida Certification Board (FCB) hired On 3 Public Relations to update its image and to take a proactive approach to publicize how the organization plays a positive role in protecting the health, safety and welfare of Florida’s most vulnerable residents by certifying and regulating the professionals who serve them. FCB certifies more than 20,000 professionals who work in 20 health and human services jobs in the state. FCB-certified professionals typically work with vulnerable populations and as a result, situations occur that garner negative publicity.

On3PR conducted a communications audit of FCB to determine current communication efforts with target audiences and to develop a comprehensive plan to modernize the brand and increase awareness of the board’s work. On3PR developed an elevator speech for FCB and worked with the board on its website redesign, publicizing the new site once launched.

On3PR also worked to drive audiences to the website via Facebook by creating and managing the social media page to ensure content was timely, topical and updated regularly. In addition to creating the Facebook page, On3PR helped FCB update its brand and communicate regularly with the professionals it certifies by designing a new certificate to issue to newly certified professionals and producing print literature and electronic publications.

On3PR also coordinated press events and developed documents, press statements and press releases to increase awareness of FCB’s role in the legislative process and in health and human services. The FCB now has a modern looking brand image and communicates regularly with certified professionals and others interested in the board’s important work.