On 3 Public Relations (On3PR) presents both the state candidate qualifying report and the most recent campaign finance report totals, in one document.

State candidates had until noon, Friday, June 12 to qualify for office. This updated report also includes everything raised and spent through May 31, 2020. Please note that many candidates filed for office after May 31 in which a campaign finance report was not required.

To access the comprehensive spreadsheet, only available at On 3 Public Relations, click here.

Qualifying during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging with new rules and procedures in place, and with the physical Division of Elections office closed to the public. There may be changes with candidate status in some races once certified by the Department of State next week. A few highlights include several incumbents, and one candidate, who appear to have been elected/re-elected without opposition, including:

  • Rep. Brad Drake, REP, House District 5
  • Rep. Ramon Alexander, DEM, House District 8
  • Rep. Kamia Brown, DEM, House District 45
  • Candidate Travaris McCurdy, DEM, House District 46
  • Rep. Dianne Hart, DEM, House District 61
  • Rep. Fentrice Driskell, DEM, House District 63
  • Rep. Dan Daley, DEM, House District 97
  • Rep. Michael Gottlieb DEM, House District 98
  • Rep. Evan Jenne, DEM, House District 99
  • Rep. Joe Geller, DEM, House District 100
  • Rep. James Bush, DEM, House District 109
  • Rep. Michael Grieco, DEM, House District 113

Important dates:

  • Week of Aug. 17 / Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Milwaukee, WI
  • Tuesday, Aug. 18 / Primary Election
  • Week of Aug. 24 / Republican National Convention (RNC) in Charlotte, NC and Jacksonville, FL
  • Tuesday, Nov. 3 / General Election

Top Five in Senate Contributions:

  1. Candidate Jason Brodeur, REP, District 9 / $684,155.31
  2. Candidate Jennifer Bradley, REP, District 5 / $470,840.00
  3. Candidate Ana Maria Rodriguez, REP, District 39 / $414,999.38
  4. Candidate Ray Rodrigues, REP, District 27 / $409,666.00
  5. Sen. Debbie Mayfield, REP, District 17 / $399,035.00

Top Five in House Contributions:

  1. Candidate Allison Tant, DEM, District 9 / $297,655.20
  2. Rep. Jackie Toledo, REP, District 60 / $259,119.97
  3. Rep. Vance Aloupis, REP, District 115 / $248,491.91
  4. Candidate Sam Garrison, REP, District 18 / $223,660.00
  5. Candidate Rhonda Lopez, REP, District 120 / $218,105.80

ICYMI: Here’s our Federal Candidate Qualifying Report, with March fundraising totals.

Campaign finance report information secured via the Florida Department of State’s Division of Elections website at www.DOS.STATE.FL.US.