ON3PR President Christina Johnson joined hundreds of other PR professionals from around the state to participate in the Florida Public Relations Association’s 70th Annual Conference held in Orlando August 4-6.

Johnson, who served as Executive Director of the successful Project Hometown Citizens Committee, spoke to the Conference Monday about the grassroots advocacy and media outreach activities in building a new Performing Arts Center, a new Events Center, and renovating the Florida Citrus Bowl.
Click here to link to the FPRA blog about the presentation.

FPRA BLOGGER ANALYSIS/OPINION: Having the three dissimilar entities (arts, events, and sports) working for a common goal coupled with a concept of having tourists partially pay for it through the tourist tax dollars saying its time that we do something for us and the tourists (not just the tourists), really made for a successfully engineered campaign benefiting everyone! Brilliant strategy and leadership centering on hometown pride with full support from the tourism industry. This shows how PR can truly move mountains in a way no other entity can.