(Tallahassee, Fla.) – Representative Paul Renner (R-Palm Coast) today announced his House Campaign Committee team at the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF), as he will transition into leading Republican House campaign efforts heading into the 2022 election cycle. 

“I am proud to have assembled a team of political, fundraising, and policy professionals who will continue to build upon the successes of the 2020 election cycle,” said Rep. Renner. “I commend Speaker Sprowls for leading an extraordinary effort in the 2020 election that saw our Republican caucus defend every incumbent and also win five additional seats. We look forward to a continued, robust candidate recruitment program to promote jobs, expand opportunity, and preserve our great quality of life, which soundly resonated with Florida voters and allowed for a stronger majority in the Florida House of Representatives.”  

House Republican Campaign Committee staff includes: 

Frank Terraferma will serve as Director of House Campaigns. Terraferma has over two decades of experience in running legislative races, having served in this same capacity from 1997-2004 and again from 2011-2015. He also led the House Majority Office as Staff Director from 2004-2006. Terraferma most recently served as executive director of the Idaho Republican Party. 

Faron Boggs will continue to serve as Political Director. Boggs, a veteran of the RPOF, was instrumental in building a 78-member Republican majority during the 2020 elections cycle.  

Andres Malave will serve as Communications Director. Malave comes to the committee from Americans for Prosperity as their Florida communications director. He has also held positions at the Republican Party of Florida, the Republican National Committee, and the Florida House of Representatives. 

Kevin Reilly will serve as Finance Director. His previous campaign and government work include House Campaigns in 2012, Deputy Staff Director for the House Majority Leader from 2014-2016, and Legislative Affairs Director in the Office of the Governor from 2016-2018.  

Kay Linton will serve as Administrative Director. Linton previously served as an accountant for the RPOF for nearly two decades.  

Eli Menton will serve as Political Aide. Menton worked with several candidates across the state during the 2020 cycle as well as served as Representative Renner’s Travel Aide and Scheduler. 

Katie Ballard will serve as Chief Fundraising Consultant and Tony Cortese will serve as Fundraising Consultant.

Marc Reichelderfer of Landmarc Strategies, David Johnson of The David Johnson Group, and Christina Johnson of On 3 Public Relations will continue to advise Representative Renner as General Consultants.