Here at On 3 Public Relations, we look forward to working with you in getting your message out to targeted audiences. Our mission is to get you “Ready On 3” – whether it’s before a corporate board, investors, employees, elected officials, civic leaders, voters, members of the community, or the media – when the microphone is turned on, and the camera goes live, you will be Ready On 3.


We’ve been message architects for government leaders – in their offices and on their campaigns. That experience has given us the upper hand in creating strategies that bring results. We know how to take your complex proposals and create sharp, understandable, compelling messages that catch the attention and approval of policymakers. We are communications professionals – we create the tools that you need to get your ideas across.


We are a small business; like you we operate in a competitive market. Whether you are a non-profit looking to boost your positive image, or a business that needs ideas to expand your presence, On3PR has the experience, perspective and creative ideas that you need to meet your goals.


There is strength in numbers, but you don’t have time to herd cats. On3PR understands the value of coalitions, and we know how to manage and motivate your supporter. Whether behind the scenes, or leading the parade, we can help you harness the power of many voices supporting your cause.


Complementing your existing internal communications operation? Looking for new ways to expand your message throughout Florida’s diverse media markets and communities? Let On3PR take you from preparation to implementation. We have the track record to help you achieve measurable success.