TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Institute of Politics at Florida State University (IOP@FSU) released 31 installments of its Why We Serve video interview series with state legislators.

The project, led by student fellows at the institute, features one-on-one interviews with 10 members of the Florida Senate and 21 members of the Florida House of Representatives. The series aims to give young leaders a chance to hear from lawmakers in both political parties about their experiences, the value of civic engagement and the need for civil discourse.

Florida State University President Richard McCullough hailed project workers and state legislators for the education and inspiration they’re providing.

“On behalf of Florida State University, I thank these esteemed legislators for participating in the Institute of Politics’ Why We Serve initiative,” McCullough said. “As experienced elected officials, they have a deep understanding of policymaking in Florida. We hope these interviews inspire our students and educate them about the power of careers in public service.”

Most of the interviews were filmed in person during the 2022 Legislative Session, with others recorded on Zoom last year. All state legislators were invited to participate. Those who participated were:

Florida Senate

Florida House of Representatives

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy Dean Tim Chapin said he appreciated the bipartisan nature of the legislators’ messages.

“We are honored that these lawmakers have shared their perspectives and advice with the Institute of Politics Fellows,” Chapin said. “Through this video series, Floridians can learn how lawmakers are working together to grow the state’s economy, protect the natural environment, and support the livelihoods of all residents.”

IOP@FSU Director Hans Hassell expressed his gratitude for the lawmakers’ time.  

“Public service provides important opportunities to inspire others to work for a better future,” Hassell said. “The Institute of Politics at Florida State University is grateful that the legislators took the time out of their busy schedules to share their experiences and invaluable insights with our IOP Fellows, many of whom may one day follow in their footsteps.”

To access all the interviews in the IOP@FSU’s Why We Serve video series, please click here.


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