On 3 Public Relations worked with the Central Florida Partnership and the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association to organize a grassroots campaign to defeat paid leave measures at the local and state level. In the summer of 2012, the Orange County Commission was presented with an ordinance to make mandatory a provision for business owners in Orange County to provide paid sick time to part-time employees. This would have catastrophic consequences on local employers to compete with surrounding counties for business expansion and commerce.

A grassroots campaign was developed to include local mom and pop business owners to testify before the Commission, with five central themes that were detrimental to their livelihood. On3PR worked to identify local voices, and personalize their messages surrounding the following arguments: that the measure would place business at a competitive disadvantage, that the amendment would be confusing/misleading ballot language, that it would be a small business job killer with costs passed onto the consumer, allow for unfair exemptions, and subject to a compliance nightmare.

On3PR was also the lead Tallahassee public relations firm working with the Central Florida Partnership, the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, and a coalition of local and state pro-business organizations to support a statewide paid leave preemption bill during the 2013 Legislative Session. The Orange County Commission, and later the Miami-Dade County Commission both voted down the 2012 ordinance, which laid the groundwork for the passage of the 2013 legislation which preempts any paid leave measure to the state.